Dhoosh Spices Lemon Tea

High Quality Product Ingredients

The ingredients we use includes tea dust, chicory, coffee along with the below spices for better taste and health. All the products used are completely essential.





Mint Leaves

Monitored Process

We use complete essential that is monitored by our expert team in each of the process in the manufacturing.


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Essential Material

We make sure that the materials used are completely essential and is handpicked by our experts.

dhoosh tea is good for your health

World's First Tea to bring all these spices

Dhoosh Spices Lemon Tea is first of its kind. Including the lemon was the main challenge as we at Dhoosh want our customer to have both black and milk versions of the tea. However, lemon juice will make the milk curdle. We have researched enough and found a solution and implemented it well. This will make the milk a bit thicker, but never curdle it.

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Nutrition Facts

Below shows the nutrition facts for each package of the Dhoosh Tea. The below details are per 100g.

Total Fat2 g
Saturated Fat0 g
Trans Fat0 g
Sodium40 mg
Total Carbohydrates69 g
Dietary Fiber0 g
Total Sugar0 g
Added Sugar0 g
Protein14 g

Trusted by

Dhoosh Spices Lemon Tea has been accredited by NABL along with tested in multiple labs including Vimta labs is certified by the government for the Tea Standard.


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